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Lhasa Apso Items - Lhasa Apso Cutting Boards and Cheese Boards

Lhasa Apso Show Coat

Lhasa Apso Pet Clip

Lhasa Apso merchandise for the Lhasa Apso lover including cutting boards and cheese boards. Decorate your kitchen with these attractive and practical Lhasa Apso merchandise. All items available with the Lhasa Apso images as shown above.

Lhasa Apso Cutting Boards

Lhasa Apso cutting boards - a great way to put your Lhasa Apso to work! The background repeats your choice of sayings - "The chef is not responsible for dog hair in the food" OR "In our house dog hair is considered a condiment!". Virtually indestructible, our tempered cutting boards are 5 times stronger than regular glass. Because they are cut proof, bacteria, stains and odors cannot become trapped. More hygenic then wood or plastic, there is no need for harsh chemicals to prevent cross contamination.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
(12" x 15" rectangle)
Lhasa Apso cutting boards


Lhasa Apso Oval Cutting Board / Cheese Board

Our oval Lhasa Apso cutting boards are not only space saving, they double as a cheese board! Made of the same durable tempered glass, the Lhasa Apso design and background are printed on the back side of the board, so the design cannot be marred by food prep, cutting or heat.
Choose from Yard, Beach, Mountain, Lake or Field backgrounds. Background may be adjusted slightly to accommodate the various breed poses.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
(12" x 15"oval)
Lhasa Apso cheese board Top - Yard, Beach, Mountain. Bottom - Lake, Field


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We have:
Available Custom Printed From Your Photo, Logo or Art Work.

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